Water Saver stick save up to
60% irrigation


General: During the use of the bio energetic dry land stick -WaterSaver (standard steel) a bio energetic effect change the floor bonding capacity of air humidity.



Place the dry land stick in a distance of 2m ( 6 ft) in the ground.
Water Saver stick save more than 60%

The depth of the stick depends on what you are planning to do with the acre, floor or ground you place the stic kinto. We recommend 10 cm (4inch) for grass, 20cm (8inch) to 30cm (12inch) for grounds you are going to plough. It approximately lasts 2 to 3 month still the effect of the dry land stick has fully spread in the ground One steel stick (diameter: 0.4 inch, length: 8 inch, weight: 5 oz) effect for 40 sq ft (4m²).

How does the dry floor stick work?
With our own development we can change micro Atomic structures to enable space energy to get a frequency.

Water ist all around us even so it cannot  be necessarily seen. The air humidity is an indication of how much water is actually in the air. Clouds are practically the visible from of the humidity in air, millions of tiny water droplets condensing out of the air to form liquid water. With the use of the dry stick, the ground is now enabled to access the water in the air directly without having to "wait" for the water droplets to be build. It takes approximately 3 months for the ground to be fully adjusted to this new capability. With this technology we are able to save 60% watering and some times up to100%. As side effect the field studies showed also an improvement of ground quality

View in Action

Here see how the rods are hammered into the ground.

2008: Application Draper Utah 84020 USA

This area is near the Rocky Mountains and the summer is always very dry and hot. The sprinkler must be active day and night to keep the grass green. 100 dry land sticks where placed in February 2008 on an area of 400m² (100*4m²). The first test were done without water. Under this condition the lawn will be dry and yellow the next day. But with the dry land stick it was green over a week without any water! After this irrigation was started again and reduced from 100% (24h a day) in steps of 10%. Under this dry conditions and the hot temperature it was possible to reduce 60% irrigation to keep the grass green and under good conditions.

In the year 2009 the test in summer were done with 40% irrigation the whole dry period and the grass stayed the whole summer under very good conditions. The save of water was 60%! In times with yearly less water this is a very good investment. Situation 2011:Here is the part of the grass where I use the sprinklerin summer every day.

Situation 2011 /  Part 1

Here is the part of the grass where I use the sprinkler in summer every day.

Situation 2011 / Part 2

For this part I use the dry ground sticks and you can also see the difference in the color. The grass has a darker green.

In the 3rd year the water saving increased from 60% to 97% ! It is unbelievable but it is true.

David Scott Dixon Inc12216 South 1950 East Draper Utah 84020 USA

Application in Iraq:

On a test area of 8000 m², the rods every 2 meters by 2  meters were placed in a matrix about 10cm below the surface and after a conditioning period of 3 months the start  with irrigation experiments of 50% less water compared to a  field should be done. But it was the unbelievable. After two months has grown the grass on the dry bare soil without water. The word has spread to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Iraq Goverment

For this reason, comes a delegation of the Kurdistan  Regional Government, reporting directly to the Prime Minister of Iraq to be explained the Austrian technology closer and  gave the Company NG an environment award for the product.

Especially for dry areas, such as in Iraq, this development could help save a lot of water. Orders will following this year.

Further Application Sulaymaniya:

After 1 month of placing the dry floors sticks, a first improvement is seen in the growth of grass without water.

Another compare

After 3 month in an area without and with dry floor stick is show non the left

Application in Dubai
02 July 2013

To whom it may concern: My name is Hubertus von Drabich, currently resident in the UAE. Given that this country has been built in the desert; there is always a level of water shortage. Consequently , the government of the UAE decided (a few years back) to extract water from the Arabian Gulf. Though, this requires a lot of energy and high costs. About 6 months ago, we came a cross the new "Watersaver-Sticks"  and decided to test them right away. We are absolutely delighted to see the effects of these sticks. Just after two months, our lawn started growing much better (in particular during the summer months, where we have temperatures of up to 50 degrees). In addition, our mandarin tree started to produce fruits for the first time in two years (please refer to the following pictures for further details).

All in all, we can only highly recommend the Watersaver Sticks for trial areas.In case you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email on:

Summery of the test University of Isfahan 2017:
Save of  50% irrigation !

Two areas are compared in the water need after 3 month of use. The original are in the front was irrigated ever second day at an air humanity of 10%. The upper area with the water sticks got water every 4th day and has 80% more green mass as the other under area.

Africa, Burkina-Faso
Start of the project

Benno Kehl does active association work in Africa and hasused the watersavers on a maize plantation here.

Quote: "We have equipped a field in Africa, Burkina-Faso, on the outskirts of the village of Korsimoro with the earth rods. We are very excited about the result. "For the first time in three years, maize is thriving in the barren soil without irrigation

End of October
It´s a micracle

Now, at the end of October, for the first time ever, the maize harvest has taken place. They speak of a miracle!

Burkina-Faso Gallery

Initial situation

After a good half year


Image Description

Water-Saver test in Hong Kong

A trial was undertaken for two adjacent lawns with one lawn installed with water saving sticks (WS) to verify water savings potential. Ambient environment for the two lawns are identical as they sit side by side. Soil moisture is measured at two soil depths to view changes in conditions.

Initial stage (period 1) showed the plot with WS raised soil moisture level versus the normal plot. Starting with period 2 when irrigation water volume was reduced to both lawns, the moisture level in the normal plot rose to almost same level as WS. Observations reported normal plot lawn have signs of stress. A stressed plant takes up less water leaving more water in the soil. During a dry spell both plot soil water content went down, with normal plot losing more water than WS.

At the end of the dry spell the gap in moisture level between the two widened. This period showed the ability of WS to obtain extra supplies of water from air in soil even under drier air humidity conditions. The Water-Savers (WS) save at least 37% on irrigation water.

To prevent further deterioration of the normal plot lawn, irrigation water reduction is only applied to WS after Period 3. Irrigation water to WS will be turned lower in steps until there are signs of plant stress. 

Click here for the full report

Overview of conventional irrigation systems

As you can see in the following table, the Water-Saver offers many advantages compared to the well-known irrigation systems, such as no ongoing costs, no evaporation loss, applicable to all soils and terrains, and many more.


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